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I’ve always been interested in how we function as human beings, especially emotionally. Early life experiences made
me aware of this and curious to understand why we feel good or bad, and how different things can trigger feelings.
I’ve done a lot of work on myself in this regard throughout my lifetime.
When I left school, I wanted to study psychology, but I was discouraged by my career advisors who said it was a
dead-end, that too many people were doing it! So, by default, I ended up at business school and eventually in
marketing. I spent 15 years working on beauty products and fashion. It was fine but unfulfilling, and I never lost sight
of the thing that makes me feel truly alive – my curiosity and investigation into what makes us tick as human beings.
By my early 30s, I was married with a small child, but my introverted and anxious nature was catching up with me. I
always felt uneasy in social situations, at work, and in my personal life, and it was dragging me down and holding me
back. I simply wasn’t living life how I wanted to.
Then one day I heard about a kinesiologist who did great work helping people with these kinds of problems, so I
decided to go and see her.
This is when I discovered emotional regulation. At that time I’d never heard of Luc Nicon or the Tipi Association – that
would come much later on when I finally understood what I’d experienced during this session, because I don’t think
the kinesiologist appreciated the process she set off in me.
I was lying down with my eyes closed. She triggered some emotions in me and all of a sudden I felt lots of sensations
in my body, moving in all different directions, some of them not very pleasant. One sensation I’ll always remember
was like a heavy dark mass around my belly; it was really stressful and it was like it flowed and drained out of my
belly. My body was doing all this by itself.
At the end of the session I opened my eyes and it took me a while to process what had just happened – it had truly
overwhelmed me. The first thing I said was, ‘Wow, I feel like I’m aligned, standing straight.’ Before that moment my
head had always leaned slightly to left. Now when I stood up I was straight, my inner balance had shifted and I felt light
and serene.
The session had taken place early in the morning, so I headed into work straight away. As soon as I arrived I saw the
first effects. I was walking along a corridor and passed by my manager’s office. Usually, I’d be uneasy and awkward in
my boss’ presence and I would sneak past, trying not to be seen. That morning, to my surprise, I bounced in, said
“Hi!”, sat down and started chatting to him. I couldn’t help myself. It was weird! And from then on, I always felt totally
at ease with my boss and management – I could stand there as an equal. It transformed my professional life.
Several years later, I had come to a standstill professionally and I seized the opportunity to take voluntary
redundancy. Without any hesitation I trained in kinesiology – that first session had stayed with me and now I had the
chance to go back to my original passion and understand what had happened.
Around that time I received an email advertising how to become autonomous in emotional regulation. This
immediately caught my eye and I called straight away – the first session was that evening.
That night was a revelation – I finally understood what I had experienced all those years ago and I knew that I wanted
to pursue professional training. Indeed, for a while I had felt that something was missing in my kinesiology practice – I
wasn’t able to replicate what had happened to me with my clients. Now I found what I was looking for – it wasn’t
kinesiology that triggered my transformation all those years ago, but emotional regulation!
Once I completed my professional training I immediately integrated it into all my kinesiology lessons and now my
sessions focus exclusively on emotional regulation – when I see the impact and transformation in my clients, I just
can’t do anything else! I can simply cut to the chase and go to the heart of the issue, and the results are amazing. It
has changed my life.